Discover Prometheus Cave in Georgia

Imereti is a region full of nature in western Georgia. You can stay in Kutaisi, its capital and the second largest city of the country and from there visit the main attractions: Martvili, Okatse and Balda canyons, Kinchkha waterfall, the spa resort of Tskaltubo or Sataplia and Prometheus caves.

Everybody knows about the Greek myth of Prometheus, the titan who created the man from clay and stole the fire from the Gods to give it to the humans but many are still unaware that the historians placed the mountain in where he was chained by Zeus as a punishment in the Caucasus.

The exact location is the summit of Khvamli Mountain and it’s close to this cave, hence its name. Prometheus Cave is 40 meters below the sea level and although its total length is 11 km, only 1080 meters are open to tourists. Once you step inside you will be amazed because there’s a unique atmosphere created by the discontinuous sound of the watern droplets shaping the rocks slowly and the colorful illumination over the stalagmites and stalactites which casts psychedelic plays of shadows.

During the tour you’ll feel like visiting a Modernist basilica: the nave has 6 halls with petrified waterfalls and curtains all over the walls. The most beautiful is the Love Hall because it has a big heart shaped karst formation. Surprisingly, there’s a flow of the Kumi river running underneath the cave and you can take a boat trip at the end of the trail.

Description and images from Emerson Mendoza Ayala published in AWAYN’s website.

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