Discover Ninoskhevi Waterfall in Georgia

The Alazani valley in the northeast of Kakheti region hides most of its natural treasures and one of them is the Ninoskhevi Waterfall

The Gurgeriani Information Center of Lagodekhi National Park is the beginning of the route of 9 kms round trip alongside the river.

The way up to the 40 meters high waterfall is not that hard and you’ll have to jump from a huge white stone to another if you decide to follow the course of the dry river. This nature reserve is one of the best-preserved in Georgia so prepare yourself to feel the intense chestnut and oak fragrance and get ready to explore the surrounding forest.

The splashing water sound and the fresh air flow will lead you to the impressive waterfall. You can find some beautiful places nearby full of ferns and snowdrops from where you can have some tea meanwhile you are contemplating this wonderful environment.

It’s a one day hike but I suggest you to camp there the night before and start early in the morning. Close to the ranger house there’s a free camping area and you can chill in the afternoon by the river. You could even meet some locals in Gurgeriani and if you are lucky enough they will invite you to spend time with them.

The end of summer is the best season to visit the Lagodekhi National Park because there are not many tourists and the weather it’s perfect! Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, raincoat and insect repellent!

Description and images from Emerson Mendoza Ayala published in AWAYN’s website.

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